10 Best Class C RVs for Winter

Living on the road can get pretty uncomfortable, especially during winters. However, with the right motorhome, your living space becomes much more bearable. 

Class C RVs are perfect for cold weather because they’re both practical and homely. 

If you’re here, you may already know quite a bit about RVs, including the difference between Class A, B, and C RVs. 

But—if you don’t, there’s no reason to fret. You can think of Class C vehicles as a combo of Class A and Class B in straightforward terms.

They’re economical (like Class B), and they offer lots of amenities (like Class A). 

If you’re interested in a weather-friendly RV with easy storage, ample living space, and a customizable entertainment system, I highly recommend Class C vehicles. 

In this article, I’ve reviewed the best Class C RVs for winter. For those going on adventures year-round, these RVs are reliable and homely. 

Best Class C RVs For Winter Reviews

With the right RV, you don’t have to wait for spring to go on adventures. Here are my picks for the best Class C RVs for winters.

1. Jayco Greyhawk Prestige

First up, the Jayco Greyhawk Prestige is a highly popular Class C vehicle. If you’re looking for a more reliable brand, you can’t go wrong with Jayco. Founded in 1968, Jayco is a subsidiary of Thor Industries, a recreational vehicle manufacturer. 

The Jayco Greyhawk Prestige is available at around $131,000. 


  • Size: 32.6 feet
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 55 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8 persons
  • Two 11,000-BTU air conditioners/heaters
  • Warranty: five years

The Jayco Greyhawk has ample living and storage space. It has an elegant and homely interior, coming with a seamless (30″ by 82″) panoramic window and power shade. 

Moreover, the RV has laminated bed-foam and vinyl flooring, walls, and roof, making it perfect for winter camping trips. Both the vinyl and bed-foam allow for decent insulation, trapping heat so that the RV interior remains warm. The bed-foam, in particular, keeps the living area heated. 

Also, the mirrors are remote-controlled and heated. The bedroom boasts a queen-sized bed and windows with roller shades to block out light and trap heat. 

All these features make it perfect for cold weather. 

Moreover, the RV boasts many amenities. There’s an excellent infotainment system built into the living area. You get a 32-inch LED TV with high-quality exterior speakers. 

Moreover, the kitchen has spectacular Sienna Maple cabinets and countertops. If you like to cook, you’ll love the solid surfaces and 9000-BTU burner (with three burner ranges).   


  • Ample space for family travel
  • No-leak windows
  • Better visibility with the backup and side-view cameras
  • Non-skid steps to prevent slipping
  • Heavy-duty insulation 


  • More expensive than other Class C models
  • Not very fuel-efficient

2. Northwood Arctic Fox

Second on my list is the Northwood Arctic Fox, a classic Class C RV for cold weather traveling. It’s made by Northwood Manufacturing, which has been based in Northeast Oregon since 1993.

It’s a budget-friendly model, starting at $48,000. 


  • Size: 28 feet
  • Net Carrying Capacity: 2698 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 6 persons
  • Tire Size: ST235/80R16
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 58 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank: 40 gallons

I recommend the Northwood Arctic Fox for all those living in primarily cold climates.


With the fully-welded and thick-walled aluminum construction, the Northwood Arctic Fox specifically caters to winter conditions. Along with the construction, the continuous fiberglass windows and multi-layered substrate walls provide heavy-duty insulation. 

Other useful features include the gas-powered water heaters and heated holding tanks. You don’t have to risk pneumonia by showering in ice-cold water. These two features allow you to quickly and efficiently heat your freshwater tank.

Moreover, with the 16-inch aluminum wheels and self-adjusting brakes, the RV is ideal for off-roading on uneven terrains. You can choose to park outside regular parking sites, onto more scenic outdoor areas. 

As for the amenities, you’ll find a spectacular home-theatre system, built-in microwave, an FM/DVD player with Bluetooth capabilities, and multiple USB charging ports.   


  • Multiple heat-trapping features, including thermal pane windows
  • Incredible stability
  • Multiple power options
  • Large bathroom
  • Magnetic latch doors (for secure closure)


  • Not ideal for large parties

3. Thor Motor Coach Outlaw

As mentioned, Thor is the parent company of Jayco. Founded in 1980 in Elkhart, Indiana, the company took over multiple RV brands, including Airstream, Jayco, and Heartland RV. Thor Motor Coach is one of its leading brands. 

The Outlaw Class C is an impressive motorized RV. It comes in two different floor plans: 29J and 29S. The former costs $132,450 while the latter costs $134,925. 


  • Size: 29 feet 
  • Fuel Capacity: 55 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: 6 persons 
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 40 gallons
  • Horsepower: 350HP
  • Torque: 468 lbs

There is only one difference between the 29J and 29S. While the 29J has a patio deck, the 29S has a garage and ramp door. Since the living space is slightly cramped, I suggest going for the 29S as the garage gives more room. 

The garage also provides you more versatility. You can use it as an extended living room or sleeping area. Alternatively, if you have kids, you can even convert it into a playroom. 

How does it adapt to cold weather?

Well, both floor plans have vacuum-bonded block foam insulation. Moreover, there is a ceiling-ducted HVAC system in living areas. 

However, you don’t have to worry about the fire hazards that come with heating systems in enclosed spaces. The RV has a sophisticated air ventilation system, which prevents fires and smoke build-up by creating steady airflow. 

The RV also comes with separate smoke, LPG, and carbon monoxide detectors to alert you in a fire.  


  • Relatively easy to park anywhere
  • Excellent ramp and horsepower
  • Doesn’t need road upgrades
  • High-quality build
  • Sleek interior


  • Some quality control issues

4. Winnebago Minnie Winnie

Established in 1958, Winnebago is one of the oldest recreational vehicle manufacturers in the United States. The company produces high-quality RVs, motorhomes, and motorboats. 

Priced at $105,058, the Winnebago Minnie Winnie is one of their most popular RVs. 

You can choose from seven different floor plans, including 22M, 22R, 25B, 26T, 31H, and 31K. The following specifications are of the 31K. 


  • Size: 32.9 feet
  • Fuel Capacity: 56 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: 7 persons
  • Freshwater Tank Capacity: 44 gallons
  • Water Heater Capacity: 6 gallons
  • Exterior Storage: 108.3 cubic feet

All floor plans have a rear bedroom, U-shaped dinette (can be converted into a bed), private bunk, and large storage trunk. Therefore, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of how you want to use the space. 

The Minnie Winnie prioritizes comfort and leisure in its design, so the different living spaces are interconnected. The dinette directly connects to the living room sofa, so you can immediately move into the living room after eating. 

Again, it’s a decent vehicle for cold weather travel. It has thermal panel sidewalls, fiberglass roof and windows, and laser-cut tubing. The RV also has e-coating and steel construction. 

All these features keep the interior warm and prevent constriction of both the interior and exterior. In this way, you don’t have to worry about leakage and cracks, which is more common in the winters. 


  • Premium entertainment system
  • Spacious kitchen
  • Well-lit storage compartments
  • Easier visibility with fiberglass mirrors
  • Multiple decor options 


  • Limited warranty

5. Tiffin Wayfarer

Tiffin Motorhomes is a family-run business, founded in 1941. The company specializes in creating homely vehicles for those on the road. 

Beginning at $140,770, the Tiffin Wayfarer is a customizable Class C motorhome. You can choose from one of the four main floor plans, or personalize the RV to your needs. 

I’ve mentioned the specifications for the 25 LW. 


  • Size: 25.7 feet
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 24.5 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4 to 5 persons 
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 38 gallons
  • Collision Prevention Assist

As per its general features, the RV has excellent drivability. With the light and rain sensors, heated mirrors, backup camera, cruise control, and traffic sign assist, you never lose visibility even in harsh weather conditions. 

In terms of construction, the Tiffin Wayfarer design combines both strength and insulation. The fiberglass roof prevents water intrusion and the loss of heat. This is perfect when you’re driving in the snow. 

Similarly, the gel-coated fiberglass walls perform the same function. 

Additionally, the Wayfarer comes with a comprehensive entertainment system, with 50-inch electric theatre chairs. There’s an overhead entertainment console and a hide-a-bed next to the driver’s side, so you can relax comfortably after a long day of driving. 


  • Convertible bedrooms
  • Battery-powered built-in fridge
  • Skylight shower for extra bathroom light
  • Industry-standard safety features
  • The heated leather seats give more warmth


  • Not as fuel-efficient as other Class C vehicles

6. Coachmen Leprechaun

Coachmen RV is a global leader in recreational vehicles and motorhomes. In the business since 1964, the company has spent decades building and improving travel trailers. 

The first model for the Coachmen Leprechaun Class C came out in 1973. With a starting price of $92,010, the 2020 model incorporates modern technology to give you a more durable, efficient, and organized motorhome.  


  • Size: 26.6 feet (for the 230FS)
  • Fuel Capacity: 58 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: 6 persons
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 43 gallons
  • AC/Heater BTU: 13,5000 BTU
  • Horsepower: 341 HP

With 15 different floor plans, the Coachmen Leprechaun definitely has one of the most flexible designs in this list. You can find this RV with both Ford and Chevy chassis. 

Unlike most Class C RVs, which use aluminum, the Coachmen Leprechaun uses azdel as its construction base. Azdel is more tightly bonded than aluminum, so it doesn’t allow even a little water leakage. 

Similarly, azdel, with the help of block foam insulation, helps maintain indoor temperature. It also gives RV soundproofing characteristics. So you can pump up your music system as high as you want without disturbing anyone in an RV park. 

Moreover, the entertainment system is built both indoors and outdoors. Since it’s been weather-tested, you don’t have to worry about weather damage to the outdoor television and speakers. 

Lastly, the Coachmen Leprechaun has PEX plumbing lines. These lines are resistant to breakage and cracks and also help preserve heat by preventing heat transfer. 


  • Lots of legroom in the driving seats
  • Includes a child safety net
  • Small transition step in the doorway
  • Residential-style HVAC system
  • Adjustable lighting


  • Slow customer service
  • A bit large for inexperienced drivers

7. Jayco Melbourne 2020

Another Jayco product, the Jayco Melbourne 2020, is a relatively new model. Starting at $122,168, it’s a durable and sturdy Class C motorhome. 


  • Size: 24 feet
  • Fuel Capacity: 26.4
  • Sleeping Capacity: 5 to 6
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 43 gallons
  • Seven-speed automatic transmission

Thanks to the white fiberglass walls, TPO-laminated roof, fiberglass running boards, and soft-touch vinyl ceiling, the Jayco Melbourne is pretty durable in different weather conditions. 

The RV also has heated mirrors to counter condensation and mist in cold weather. 

However, unlike other Class C RVs, the Jayco Melbourne boasts a 35,000-BTU auto-ignition ducted furnace. During winters, you need a large furnace to produce heat.

With a 30,000-BTU furnace, you can quickly warm up your water and food without violating safety standards. The furnace helps keep the interior warm as well. 

The Jayco Melbourne RV is also popular for its user-friendly amenities. Storage, for one, is effortless with the convertible furniture and seating areas. 

For example, if you want to create more space in the living room, you just have to push in the kitchen dinette. It has stow-away legs, so it’ll move away seamlessly. 


  • For year-round use
  • User-friendly waste and water filtration systems
  • Powerful bedroom fans
  • Tinted windows for more privacy
  • High-gloss construction


  • Challenging to drive in small areas

8. Forest River Arctic Wolf

Made by Forest River Inc., the Arctic Wolf has six different floor plans and designs. Forest River Inc. was founded in 1996, making it a relatively young company. These days, it’s one of the largest manufacturers of Class A, B, and C motorhomes.

The Forest River Arctic Wolf, at the lowest, costs $48,872.  


  • Size: 34 feet
  • Fuel Capacity: 35 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8 persons
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 49 gallons
  • Wired solar power setup

With the Arctic insulation system, underfloor heating, and high-tech furnace, the Arctic Wolf can readily endure icy weather conditions. 

The best thing? Each part of its design enhances durability and performance in cold weather.

Of course, it has the basics: heated mirrors, backup cameras, and high-performance water heaters. However, like the Jayco Melbourne, it also has an ultra-powerful furnace, which heats the interior in just a few minutes. 

Moreover, the Arctic Wolf has extremely durable wheels and treaded tires, which helps prevent slipping.

If you’re wondering about the entertainment and living system, you should know they’re adequate for a long-term camping trip. The RV has a hardwired home theatre system with DVD, FM, and WiFi capabilities. 


  • Excellent safety features
  • Relatively affordable
  • Great amenities for the price
  • Generous sleeping space


  • Not for inexperienced drivers

9. Lance 4 Seasons Travel Trailer

As the name suggests, the Lance 4 Seasons Travel Trailer is a year-round motorhome. Based in Lancaster, California, Lance is an international brand that sells travel campers and trailers worldwide.  


  • Size: 23 feet (approx.)
  • Fuel Capacity: 24 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: 3 to 4 persons
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 26 gallons

With the all-weather package, you get removable hatch covers, thermoplastic insulation, thermopane windows, and an adjustable thermostat. All of these features help maintain the interior temperature in different climates. 

For example, the removable hatch covers keep the outside temperature from seeping indoors. Therefore, if you’ve got the AC or heating turned on inside, the covers will prevent the outdoor heat/cold from affecting the HVAC performance. 

If you’re going in wet weather, I recommend getting this RV. The thermoplastic insulation, unlike wood, is prone to rust, rotting, and mold. Consequently, it’s a more reliable choice in rain and snow. 


  • Comes in three stylish colors
  • Automatic ceiling lighting
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Durable radial tires
  • Pre-wired TV antenna


  • The storage isn’t easy to organize

10. Winnebago 2020 Navion

Last but least, there’s the Winnebago 2020 Navion. With its pricing starting at $161,421, the 2020 Navion is one of the latest Winnebago models.


  • Size: 25.6 feet
  • Fuel Capacity: 24.5 gallons
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 37 gallons
  • Water Heater Capacity: Continuous

The most striking feature about the 2020 Navion is the comfort. This RV has heated cab seats with adjustable lumbar support, headrest, and recline. Therefore, even if you’re spending hours on the road, you don’t have to strain your body. 

You can access the multimedia entertainment system with voice control. Consequently, you can change the music or radio station without moving your eyes or hands from the road.

As for the weather-friendly features, there are many to choose from. For one, there’s the automatic climate control, which includes automatic rain sensors. These sensors are integrated with the wipers, so the system will automatically start wiping once it senses rain. 

Climate control also includes mirror defrost, crosswind assist, and high beam assist. 

Moreover, the RV has premium thermal and acoustic insulation, particularly in the bedroom area. You can easily play music in the living room without bothering someone in the bedroom. 


  • Extra-large holding tanks for more power supply
  • Simplified wiring access
  • Single seamless countertop for easier cleaning
  • Enhanced safety with the active brake assist


  • Relatively small for the price

Things to Keep In Mind While Buying Winter RVs

Now, you’ve gone through my picks for the best Class C RVs for Winter. However, to decide which one to buy, there are some things you should keep in mind. 

If you’re looking for a winter RV, you should consider:

Heating Options

Does the RV have multiple heating options? In RVs, the most common heating options are furnaces, heat pumps, space heaters, and in-built thermostats. 

Each option has its pros and cons, but overall, they’re all effective and manageable. 

Since you’re placing a heater in an enclosed space, there’s always a fire risk. Therefore, you should always take precautions. 

Ensure the RV is well-ventilated and has a fire protection kit (fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, wool blankets)—also, store power-sources such as gasoline far away from your heating source.  

RV Tank

In cold weather, water tanks and pipes are prone to freezing and shattering. With an RV, the only way to prevent this is to get expandable pipes and a heated underbelly.

The underbelly will prevent the pipes and tank from getting too cold. Moreover, the expandable pipes, even if they constrict, won’t break. 


As you can probably tell from my reviews, insulation is an essential part of warming RVs. Without insulation, RV interiors get unbearably cold in winter. It’s dangerous to travel in an RV without proper insulation. 

Block foam insulation is the most versatile, suiting, both dry and wet weather conditions. Fiberglass suits dry weather, while the rigid foam is better for wet areas. 

Windows and Mirrors

When you’re driving in cold weather, your windows and mirrors will fog up. This decreases visibility, making it highly dangerous to be on the road.

Therefore, you need windows and mirrors with defrosting features. This is why thermopane windows and heated mirrors are standard features in RVs for cold weather


In sum, while it’s perfectly okay to go camping in cold weather, you must make sure you have the proper equipment. With the RVs mentioned in my reviews, I hope you now know what to buy. 


Each RV I’ve listed is highly reliable in cold temperatures.

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